EVOLUTION: Autumn Winter 2014

London designer Alexandra Groover unveils her eagerly-awaited eleventh collection at her collaborative exhibit with Rafel Delalande entitled PALACE OF THE FLY at Flaq in Paris Thursday 27th February at 7pm.

This season sees the premiere of EVOLUTION, yet another body of work in what was originally a trilogy of short films. Following BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH, AFTERLIFE, RESURRECTION, and REBIRTH, EVOLUTION is a continuation of Groover’s exploration of the natural sciences and their relationship to the human condition. Embracing the theme of EVOLUTION, Groover’s work has begun to branch out, exploring new approaches to her way of creating as well as new products and performances resulting from her recent collaborations. Her new collections embrace both the science of evolution and the continuing human tradition of rituals based on religious and magical or mystical beliefs.

Obscured geometrical shapes of draped fabric metamorphose upon the body, revealing new features and silhouettes, mimicking the emergence of a butterfly from its chrysalis case. In choosing how to style Groover’s versatile garments, the wearer is also invited to participate in his or her own evolutionary ritual. Once again, Groover’s entire monochrome collection is created by using positive and negative shapes from only a few pattern pieces and fabrics, creating surprisingly different silhouettes and shapes for each look. A preview of what is to come, these garments are also part of a collaboration between Groover and a creative team that will premiere ‘ISHTAR,’ a short film directed by Marta Di Francesco and shot by Tamas Olajos, in April 2014. The film features pieces designed specifically for choreographer Mariana Marquez and dancer Emma Zangs, who will move to a musical piece composed for the film by London musician and sound artist Roberto Crippa.

PALACE OF THE FLY will also introduce the new La Voisin London collection, Groover’s latest collaborative project with internationally renowned tattooer and illustrator Rafel Delalande. Launching with a capsule collection of printed scarves, t-shirts, shawls, and hoods, Groover’s signature all-black designs are given a new identity adorned with beautiful monochromatic prints of Delalande’s darkly themed drawings. Inspired by centuries of cults and rituals throughout the world, the collection consists of a series of illustrated garments and accessories, each telling a story of Groover and Delalande’s travels to different countries and their own personal interpretation of the traditional rituals of that particular culture.

Exhibited in the subterranean space of La Flaq in a room that was formerly a 18th century crypt, Groover’s new collection and Delalande’s latest drawings and prints will hang together alongside the La Voisin London collection, clearly illustrating the successful visual marriage of their darkly unique aesthetics.

After studying at Central St. Martins and RISD, and working in the studios of Alexander McQueen and Zandra Rhodes, Alexandra Groover launched her first collection for Autumn Winter 2009. With press from i-D, Dazed,, Harpers Bazaar and Grey, and collaborations with cult bands SunnO))), Dave.i.d and Bo Ningen, Groover has rapidly gained a strong following within the fashion, art and music industries.

“Alexandra Groover is a young designer whose jersey collection is both creative and wearable.” Sir Paul Smith, i-D Magazine

As well as accepting wholesale appointments from 27th February – 2nd March, a selection of garments and prints will be available for purchase at the exhibition space. For more information, please contact: