Autumn Winter 2011 BIRTH

On Friday February 18th, London designer Alexandra Groover unveils her eagerly-awaited fifth collection at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in Holborn, London.

This season sees the premier of BIRTH, the first in a trilogy of short films. Exploring the concept of origin and separation, her latest collection emerges from the dark sea and chalk-white rocks that form the backdrop to the film. Directed by Au Matt and featuring a soundtrack by female artist AGF, the film was shot beneath the otherworldly cliffs of Birling Gap where Groover’s sharp and striking silhouettes boldly contrast the pale, muted coastline.

Groover’s latest collection is constructed of squares of fabric that metamorphose into soft, cubic shapes against the body. Once again she invites the wearer to play with and personalize the garments, and the experimental pieces presented in BIRTH are just a few snips away from being transformed into more wearable designs. In addition to women’s, unisex, and men’s pieces, the collection also features an exciting new collaboration with London footwear-designer Benjamin John Hall.