On Sunday September 18th, London designer Alexandra Groover unveils her eagerly-awaited sixth collection at the Old Curiosity Shop in Holborn, London.

This season sees the premier of LIFE, the second in Groover’s trilogy of short films. Continuing to explore the concept of origin and separation, her latest film deals with growth and independence within a family structure. Directed by Au Matt and Sandra Russell, and featuring soundtracks by family friend musicians Cutbang and Dave.i.d, the film was shot in two parts – the first taking place in Groover’s birthplace of San Diego, California, with family members acting as crew, and the second in London’s iconic Hampstead Heath Park with the help of Groover’s London family of close friends.

In LIFE a large black rosebud slowly begins to blossom on the shoreline of Southern California, only to reveal the intense fuchsia faces of five performers who uncoil themselves into a meandering line of one, long interconnected dress. As they twist and turn across the screen, the slashes of fabric joining them together billow in the wind, and their snake-like procession exits into the bright sunlight of San Diego and re-emerges against the awe-inspiring backdrop of London’s Hampstead Heath where it all ends in an explosive finale.

This season Groover’s collection features softly draped pieces of black fabric that are slashed into rose petal and rose leaf-inspired formations to reveal delicately balanced glimpses of bare flesh. In keeping with her signature style, several of the pieces invite the wearer to play with and personalise the garments according to individual style and needs. The collection also features a second season of Groover’s exciting experimental collaboration with London footwear designer Benjamin John Hall.