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LA VOISIN LONDON is a new collaboration between London designer Alexandra Groover and internationally renowned illustrator and tattooer Rafel Delalande. Launching with a capsule collection of printed scarves, t-shirts, shawls, and hoods, Groover’s signature all-black designs are given a new identity adorned with beautiful monochromatic prints of Delalande’s darkly themed drawings. Inspired by centuries of cults and rituals throughout the world, the collection consists of a series of illustrated garments and accessories, each telling a story of Groover and Delalande’s travels to different countries and their own personal interpretation of the traditional rituals of that particular culture.


First exhibited for Paris Fashion Week during February 2014 in the subterranean space of La Flaq in a room that was formerly an 18th century crypt, Groover’s new collection and Delalande’s latest drawings and prints hung together alongside the La Voisin London collection, clearly illustrating the successful visual marriage of their darkly unique aesthetics.


Mallorcan-born travelling tattooer Rafel Delalande is known for his brutal, monochromatic style: his work has been featured in Sang Bleu magazine as well as cover art and photos in book Forever The New Tattoo published by Gestalten. He has worked in parlors such as Mystery and Hand in Glove in Paris, The Saint Mariner in Milan, LTW in Barcelona, East River in Brooklyn, Two Hands in Auckland, Korpus in Melbourne, and Seven Doors in London. Now based in London, Delalande is focusing more of his time on expanding his body of illustrative works.


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