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On September 15th 2017, London designer Alexandra Groover unveiled her eagerly-awaited seventeenth collection and short film at a secret location in Dalston, East London.


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W.B. Yeats


This season sees the premiere of RITUAL, yet another body of work in what was originally a trilogy of short films. Following BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH, AFTERLIFE, RESURRECTION, REBIRTH, EVOLUTION, SYMBIOSIS, SURVIVAL, ADAPTATION, ANCESTRAL, and SACRED, RITUAL continues Groover’s exploration of nature and its relationship to the human condition. RITUAL proceeds to explore the primitive urges of all humans throughout history to create sacred spaces and rituals, no matter what race, religion, or part of the world they come from. For RITUAL, Groover has chosen to focus on the daily habits and necessities of an individual that eventually give birth to a ritual or sacred space that is unique to a person and their lifestyle or situation. Magic, the supernatural, and behavior influenced by superstitions give inspiration to Groover’s garments and the final way in which they are presented.


Referencing various historical practices of primitive magic around the world, Groover chose to take inspiration from the tradition of the American crazy quilt combined with the surrealist practice of automatic drawing, creating a collection of garments that dictated their designs to her through the action of “automatically” patchworking random pieces together and allowing the patchwork pieces to reveal the final garments. In doing so, Groover creates one-of-a-kind zero-waste garments using leftover scraps and pieces of fabric that she has treated as “relics” from past collections. This is, in a way, a cleansing ritual for Groover, but it is also a magic ritual. Groover sees making clothing as her personal magic, and this season she is  letting her creative process flow more freely by inviting her immediate surroundings,i.e. fabric and objects that are already in her studio, to dictate what she creates.


Filmed by friend and regular collaborator Anna Iceland (Gudbrands), the RITUAL film is presented in a series of dreamlike vignettes, each showing a stage of the magic making process featuring long-time friends and collaborators husband-and-wife entity Dark Theatre: Inesa and Barrington De La Roche. Set against an “earth altar” backdrop envisioned by creative director/set designer Matteo Cortes in the same “automatic” fashion from found objects mainly from Alexandra’s studio, Barrington and Inesa will create and perform their ritual to a soundtrack composed by London musician Christos Fanaras. This project is a collaborative effort, and each collaborator contributes their own personal element to complete this magic ritual.

RITUAL continues along the lines of SACRED by respecting one’s surroundings through conservation and reuse by incorporating both the positive and negative shapes cut from the fabric, making this collection 100% zero waste. Further emphasizing her focus on the utilization of local resources, each garment is made in London using 100% English-made organic cotton jersey.


After studying at Central St. Martins and RISD, and working in the studios of Alexander McQueen and Zandra Rhodes, Alexandra Groover launched her first collection for Autumn Winter 2009. With press from i-D, Dazed, Vogue.com, Harper’s Bazaar and Grey, and collaborations with cult bands SunnO))), Chelsea Wolfe and Bo Ningen, Groover has rapidly gained a strong following within the fashion, art and music industries.


“Alexandra Groover is a young designer whose jersey collection is both creative and wearable.” Sir Paul Smith, i-D Magazine

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A short film by

Anna Gudbrands


Wardrobe by

Alexandra Groover



Dark Theatre: Inesa & Barrington De La Roche


Art Direction & Set Design

Matteo Cortes



Christos Fanaras


Fashion Assistant

Lia Pantzer








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